IECM & DIAC 2018 Delegate & Trade Visitor Survey

IECM 2018 Conference Delegate Survey. Please complete the survey and then proceed to get your CME certificate. *
1. Did you personally attend IECM & DIAC event this year? *
2. Which category of exhibitor did you attend primarily for? “select only one” *
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3. Is it your first visit to IECM - DIAC event? *
If NO =>. Considering your previous experience of IECM - DIAC, how did this year's event compare? *
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4. Which is your company's activity? “select only one”. *
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5. Which of the following best describes your job function? “select only one” *
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6. Which of the following best describes your role in purchasing products/services exhibited at IECM - DIAC 2018? *
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